Stock Security Holograms

If your hologram security project has a budget of at least $5,000 and at least 4 weeks, it is likely you will wish to go directly to our Custom Security Hologram section.

You may click this link to go directly to our line of HoloBrands Stock Security Holograms, or read below for further details and information.

Though it may seem at first glance that ‘Stock Security’ is an oxymoron, we’ve found that there are an extraordinary number of businesses that would benefit from the use of security holography, but whose budgets can’t accommodate the high tooling costs of custom security holograms, or whose time constraints won¹t allow for the complex design and proofing stages which custom work requires. HoloBrands Stock Image Security Holograms were created as a solution to these projects.
Though there can be no guarantees with stock security imagery (and where such guarantees are required, custom security [link] is mandated), at AuthentiBrand Inc., we do our best to qualify customer requests so as not to sell stock images in a manner that might compromise their use as authenticity images.

Suggested Uses For Stock Security Holograms
Sports Memorabilia & Signature Authentication
Identification Card Security
Ski Passes
Parking Permits
Trade Show Badges
Back Stage Passes
Event Tickets
Redemption Cards
Gift Certificates
Limited Edition Art
Certificates of Authentication
Computer Equipment
Software Packaging and Discs
Property ID Labels
Weekly or Monthly Passes (Bus, Tram, Train, etc)

Choosing the Right Level of Protection
The importance of adding security features to a product or document depends upon the magnitude of the potential loss. Simply adding a hologram to your product will not prevent counterfeiting, but it significantly ups the ante for the counterfeiter. The security a hologram provides is to some extent tied to the complexity of the image, and since not all products need the same protection, HoloBrands produces DOVIDs in varying security levels. The required level can be determined by examining several factors, including actual or perceived product value, cost (in money or breach of security) if your product is bootlegged, and the likelihood that a counterfeiter will go to extreme lengths to copy both the product and its DOVID authentication. A useful analogy might be: to determine the height of the fence needed, you must consider whether its purpose is to keep school children from trampling the flower patch or to thwart professional mercenaries hired to steal your gold!

Most authenticity projects requiring under 10,000 pieces do not have a high enough potential loss (in money or embarrassment) to warrant fully custom holography and can enjoy a hundredfold increase in authenticity by utilizing customized stock security holograms at a fraction of the cost.

HoloBrands Security Benefits
The decision to integrate a security and authentication system into your organization’s product line or printed documents is a positive marketing step as well as a prudent economic choice. According to IHMA1, when properly carried out, the system should accomplish all of the following:

  • Assure your customers that the product is genuine and will perform according to specifications.
  • Increase or preserve sales by reducing the sale and use of counterfeit products.
  • Enhance the visual appeal of the product or document and its packaging.
  • Make exact product counterfeit more difficult and unlikely.
  • Provide potential forensic information for prosecution.
  • Establish defensive evidence against possible defective product and negligence claims.

For a printed item, such as an identity card or document with intrinsic or exchange value:

  • Ensure that only the correct individuals carry the item or document.
  • Ensure that only genuine items or documents are in use.
  • Make counterfeiting more difficult and unlikely.
  • Provide potential forensic information for prosecution.