Custom Security Holograms

Holograms offer security and authenticity for the reason that they are impossible to copy using standard electronic means such as computers or copy machines. Leading the class of DOVIDs (Diffractive Optical Variably Identifiable Devices), custom holograms are, by now, considered the de facto standard for visual authentication. As there has been a custom security hologram on every Visa and Master Card manufactured since the early 1980’s, they are well grounded into society’s collective psyche as an accepted security technique.

Since overt and covert security devices can be incorporated or added onto fully custom images, custom holography offers the highest possible level of security available, and in large volume can be extremely cost-effective. Custom Origination can include imaging techniques such as true-3D, computer generated 3D, dot matrix elements, animation, 2D3D planes, micro-text, and other lens-readable covert elements. AuthentiBrand also offers a wide array of materials including hot stamp foil, tamper evident adhesives varying for product application and use, transparent as well as metalized and tinted materials, sequential numbering, bar codes, and specialized die cutting where appropriate.

AuthentiBrand has been producing high quality custom holograms for security and authenticity for over 15 years. Below are a very few of the out dated and/or low security projects that we now have permission to publicly. Please contact us with your specific project requirements and one of our knowledgeable staff will help design the most cost effective and solid solution for your security and/or authenticity program.

For lower production runs and/or lower security requirements, please see our Stock Security page.

As a proud member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), AuthentiBrand subscribes to strict industry guidelines regarding the production and sale of security holograms. AuthentiBrand Inc. management and staff adhere to the highest ethical standards in order to assure clients both quality and authenticity to the best of our ability