Stock Holograms



Due to its unparalleled visual impact, there exists heavy marketplace interest in the use of holography for promotion. For the most part, fully custom embossed holography carries set up (origination / tooling) costs that are many thousands of dollars. Customizing Stock Hologram Images allows holograms to become affordable in low production runs (short runs or tight delivery schedules that prohibit either the tooling costs or lead times associated with fully custom holography).

For its high impact and memorable effect, holography is the most cost effective advertising or promotional vehicle on the market today. Holograms get noticed, passed around, and retained in a way that is unparalleled by other media forms. Though custom holography is used mostly for large production runs or projects with large budgets, there are alternatives to custom that allow customers to use holography when the budget is low and / or the run is small. AuthentiBrand excels in directing our client’s to the appropriate type of holography and giving them options for their smaller promotional. By customizing Stock Image holograms, customers can use the phenomenal visual impact of the medium with low production runs and with no origination or mastering costs.

Stock Image Holograms & How to Use Them:
Holography is appropriate for MANY more types of projects than most people would ever imagine. Stock image holograms have all of the power of holography, without the high set up fees. Further, avoiding the time required in image origination and proofing stages significantly reduces delivery schedules. As the stock image can be sampled before in advance, the client sees the image before the order is written so there are no worries. Stock images can be customized through overprinting and special die cutting usually at a fraction of the cost and lead-time of a custom hologram project.

AuthentiBrand developed the HoloBrands Stock Hologram Collection to address the need for customized stock image holograms. The credo of HoloBrands is “Holography Made Simple, Holography Made Affordable”.

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