Custom Holography

The minimum cost of a custom project produced in EITHER photopolymer or embossed rainbow type holograms is $5,000, 2,500 setup plus $2,500 minimum production run. The quantity you will receive in this minimum order depends on a number of factors including: size of the image, type of hologram, production requirements, and whether the product is a simple label, security label, or converted into a hologram product.

At AuthentiBrand, we have extensive knowledge and expertise with all aspects of fully custom holography, from concept through packaging. If you would like to use custom holography, please supply project details (quantity, artwork, deadline and specific use) and we will guide you through the possibilities to be sure you receive the best possible product for your requirements.

See custom images below as well as case studies of existing products in our partial client list or custom products section, and feel free to request samples of most any image you see on our site. Always note that the pictures you see on our site do not in any way show the amazing color shifting, depth, and impact of the actual holograms themselves.

Custom Hologram Examples:
Custom Embossed




Pfizer Procardia XL
Smith & Wesson