Types of holograms

Though there are a multitude of types of holograms, we concern ourselves here with only the main commercially viable holographic technologies for ‘mass production’, these being Photopolymer Film type (Polymer Hologram) and Micro-Embossed type (Embossed Hologram) imagery. Each type of hologram can have a wide range of appearances depending on the artwork style and the specific materials used
in production.

Both Photopolymer and Embossed type holograms can be replicated as either opaque or transparent labels, while only the Embossed type can be produced as opaque (metalized) or transparent hot
stamping foil.


Micro-Embossed type holograms:
These are the most widely used form of holograms due to their low per-piece cost in large production runs. The holograms seen on Visa and Master Card, as well as those famous images gracing the covers of National Geographic are all Embossed type holograms.

Though the mastering and tooling techniques are the most complex (and thereby the most costly) of all hologram formats, once setup is complete the replication of Embossed type holograms is by far the fastest and most cost effective. Replicating Embossed type holograms is accomplished through the ‘pressing’ of the microscopic ‘groove structure’ (surface relief interference pattern) that creates the hologram image into thin plastic ‘film’, generally metalized polyester. Micro-Embossing equipment varies widely in size and specific applicability, but in all cases is large, complex, and expensive.


AuthentiBrand offers a wide range of embossed type holograms from pressure sensitive labels to hot stamping foils. Set up costs for custom embossed type holograms start at $2,500, though HoloBrands offers a multitude of customizable stock embossed holograms as well. Please see our pages on Custom Holograms, Stock Holograms and Security Holograms for details.

Photo-Polymer type holograms:
These holograms are by far the most realistic looking mass-production holograms available and with the greatest appearance of depth. Mainly used in as decorations for gift and promotional items such as bookmarks, postcards, and watch faces – the most recent craze is their use as ‘cell phone screen ornaments’.


Virtually all Photopolymer Holograms are created from actual models (the same size as the finished image), and of course AuthentiBrand offers a full compliment of modeling services for custom hologram projects. Presently, the only commercially viable photopolymer hologram film is created by the DuPont corporation and replicated at only a handful of specially licensed facilities in the world.

Though the mastering and tooling techniques are simpler (and thereby the less costly) than Embossed Holograms, once setup is complete each and every Photopolymer Hologram is exposed to it’s ‘master image’ with the use of a laser beam, making the process much slower and thereby more costly on a per-piece basis.

AuthentiBrand offers high quality custom photopolymer originations as well as a full line of Stock Image Photopolymer Holograms.

Please note that the images shown on this site merely photographic renderings of holograms and that in order to understand the amazing impact, depth, and captivating nature of any hologram it must be viewed first hand, so please order samples of the specific images you would like to see.