Why use holograms

Impact is the word, in my mind, which best befits graphic holography. It is the visual impact of the medium that gives it such great power and generates so much interest. Companies of all sizes are constantly searching for means of promotion that will set them apart from their competitors, and get them noticed. Holography adds three distinct advantages to any promotion:

  • Impact: holograms are eye catching. People will look at holograms for significantly longer periods of time than other graphic mediums. If a customer’s name or slogan is on the hologram, that information is reinforced.
  • Pass around value: people are often impressed with good holograms, and they are likely to bring them to the attention of colleagues and associates.
  • Retention: people tend to keep holograms. We receive new leads from potential customers who have holograms on their desk that were created more than 10 years ago!
After gracing a multitude of magazines covers including National Geographic, The New Yorker, Omni, Sports Illustrated, and TV Guide – holograms have ‘come of age’. For security, holograms are used by Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Sony, Disney, Citizen, Federal Express, and over a hundred state and Federal government agencies including the US Postal Service, INS, and the State Department. For promotion and advertising holograms are used by thousands of companies large and small in projects ranging from a few pieces to hundreds of millions of holograms.

We like to think of holograms as embellishments – a ‘fifth color’ of sorts, ready to increase the impact and value of most any product or project. If you do not find the answers to your questions within this website, please email and a hologram specialist will be to be of service.