Smith & Wesson

Seeking to thank their major suppliers in a unique and memorable way, the Product team at Smith and Wesson determined to offer a ‘Quality Supplier Award’ and chose AuthentiBrand Inc. to create a custom hologram plaque for the occasion. In order to make use of abcthe specific firearm rather than a model (as holograms images are a one-to-one ratio with the object from which they are created), a hologram image size of 8″ X 10” was necessary. AuthentiBrand Inc. determined that a glass Di-Chromated Gelatin (DCG) style hologram would most accurately represent the gray metallic features
of the pistol.

As DCG is sandwiched between plates of glass for archival longevity, the ample 14” X 20” base of ½” thick black acrylic required the milling of a deep recess to accommodate it. The surface of ¼” clear acrylic was then reverse screened with the ‘window’ showing the hologram as well as the type copy.