Price-Waterhouse-Cooper (PWC)

When Price-Waterhouse-Cooper (PWC) needed a truly innovative cutting edge award, they turned to AuthentiBrand Inc. The hologram image we created for them is a complex combination of a true three-dimensional model and multiple planes of flat graphics combined into a two-channel photopolymer type hologram.

Mounted on a custom built acrylic sculpted bases and self illuminating with a built in light source, this piece was bestowed to 15 project teams worldwide together with cash gifts of up to one-hundred thousand dollars.

In PWC’s words, “One of our core values is innovation – developing creative solutions and then translating them into action. To encourage innovation and extract the maximum advantage from our intellectual assets, we launched our Innovation Awards Program. Nearly 700 nominations from more than 40 countries, representing more than 4,000 people, flooded in to our first awards, demonstrating that the spirit of innovation is everywhere in our firm. These awards stand as proof of our commitment to encouraging and recognizing innovative excellence.”