Diffraction Material

Overprinted Pattern Style Diffraction Labels

Due to their high impact, low cost, and quick production times, Diffraction products have become the de facto standard for premium labels. In large volumes, diffraction labels are available in an endless array or shapes, sizes and patterns.


Diffraction labels add a bit of glamour and sizzle to otherwise bland packages or literature. Diffraction labels attract the eye and get products noticed without requiring entire package redesign, allowing them to be used to bring new life to existing products or promotions with very little additional cost.

Please email Authentibrand for a catalog of our standard diffraction label products available in low quantity and for quick delivery if required.

Ideas for Attention Grabbing Diffraction Labels
abc Package Embellishment
abc Anniversary Seals
abc New Product Announcements
abc Envelope Closures
abc Spectacular Return Address Labels
abc Labels of Notice – Special, Discount, etc