Stock Products


For those in the field, holograms are generally considered ‘embellishments’ rather than stand alone products. Though sometimes used as promotional products themselves, even hologram labels are generally placed onto other products such as literature, bookmarks, note holders, and other promotional items.

From AuthentiBrand Inc, custom products are defined as any items that are not within the standard HoloBrands range. Over the past 15 years, we have created a host of specialized products for companies requiring specifications outside of the standard range.

Below are a few of the specialty products created by AuthentiBrand Whether using fully custom holography or customized stock imagery, custom hologram products can be tailored to most any needs (given a sufficient budget and time line). Please review the available standard line and the custom products shown below, then let us know something about your project and we will be happy to explore the multitude of options available.

Custom Product Examples